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Colour Temperature


Total Wattage


Beam Angle

IP Rated


2 Cord Cable Black Fabric – UCABLE2-BLACK

2 Cord Cable Clear – UCABLE2-CLEAR

3 Cord Cable Black & White Fabric – UCABLE-B/W

3 Cord Cable Black Fabric – UCABLE3-BLACK

3 Cord Cable Clear – UCABLE3-CLEAR

3 Cord Cable Red Fabric – UCABLE3-RED

Ceiling Plate with 13 Holes Satin Chrome – UPLATE150-13-MCH

Ceiling Plate with 3 Holes Polished Chrome – UPLATE320-3-CH

Ceiling Plate with 5 Holes Polished Chrome – UPLATE320-5-CH

Ceiling Plate with 7 Holes Black – UPLATE150-7-BLK

Ceiling Plate with 7 Holes Polished Chrome – UPLATE150-7-CH

Ceiling Plate without Holes Black – UPLATE150-BLK

Ceiling Plate without Holes Black – UPLATE320-BLK

Ceiling Plate without Holes Polished Chrome – UPLATE320-CH

Dimmer Push Button LED

Dimmer Rotary

Flex and Plug 2 Pin – UCORD-2

Flex and Plug 2 Pin – UCORD-3

Garden Cable 12V 3mm – UCABLE-3MM

Garden Cable 12V 6mm – UCABLE-6MM

Lamp Base for GU10 to MR16 – UGU10-MR16BASE

Lamp Holder 12V 250mm – UVDEHOLDER25

Lamp Holder 12V 600mm – UVDEHOLDER60

Lamp Holder for 240V GU10 – UGU10-HOLDER

Lamp Holder with Flex Plug for 240V GU10 – UGU10FLEX

LED Driver Dimmable 12V 60W IP67 – UDRIVER12V-60W-OA-DIM

LED Driver Indoor 12V 25W IP20 – UDRIVER12V-25W-I

LED Driver Indoor 12V 30W IP20 -UDRIVER12V-30W-I

LED Driver Indoor 12V 60W IP20 – UDRIVER12V-60W-I

LED Driver Outdoor 12V 100W IP67 – UDRIVER12V-100W-OA

LED Driver Outdoor 12V 150W IP67 – UDRIVER12V-150W-OA

LED Driver Outdoor 12V 200W IP67 – UDRIVER12V-200W-OA

LED Driver Outdoor 12V 30W IP67 – UDRIVER12V-30W-OA

LED Driver Outdoor 12V 50W IP67 -UDRIVER12V-50W-OA

LED Driver Outdoor 12V 70W IP67 – UDRIVER12V-70W-OA

LED Indoor Driver 12V 12W IP20 – UDRIVER12V-12W-I

Protection box suitable for Infinity & Edge Wall Lights – UWL-BOX